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How it Works

Road Safety is a proven solution to reduce aggressive driving, improve safety, and significantly reduce costs through behavior modification. Road Safety modifies behavior through real-time audible warnings that alert the driver as they approach or operate the vehicle in an unsafe manner. This immediate feedback allows drivers to correct driving behavior before it leads to a crash and provides an environment which allows vehicle operators to continuously learn and improve their driving performance.

How does this save money?

  • Safer driver behavior means fewer accidents and lower costs associated with accidents.
  • Less aggressive driving reduces vehicle maintenance and other costs associated with your fleet. Savings on brakes, tires, transmissions, fuel mileage and insurance premiums are just a few of the financial benefits of Road Safety.
  • By reducing these costs and increasing the lifespan of your fleet, the Road Safety system typically pays for itself in one to two years of use.

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"We have seen an 87% decrease in preventable collisions following the implementation of Road Safety.”

- Healtheast Medical Transportation