Be aware of urgent budgeting implications related to ePCR 6.0 and NEMSIS 3 compliance
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Important Update on RescueNet ePCR 6.0 Software Requirements and NEMSIS 3

SUMMARY: Be aware of urgent budgeting implications related to ePCR 6.0 software requirements and NEMSIS 3 compliance.

  • RescueNet ePCR 6.0 will NOT run on Windows XP or Windows Server 2003.
  • If you are running Windows XP or Server 2003, you need to budget now for software and possible hardware upgrades. 
  • ALL ZOLL CUSTOMERS will have to upgrade to RescueNet ePCR 6.0 in order to comply with state mandated NEMSIS 3 requirements. The first state deadlines to submit NEMSIS version 3 are rapidly approaching.

Dear RescueNet ePCR Customer,

With state deadlines for transitioning to NEMSIS 3 approaching, please take a few minutes to review some essential prerequisites for the upcoming RescueNet ePCR 6.0 upgrade.

Review your current workstations and Windows OS versions immediately

First and foremost, RescueNet ePCR 6.0 will not support Windows XP. Microsoft has ended mainstream and extended support for XP. In the past, this has sometimes meant that you could continue to use the software and only upgrade if you ran into a problem. This approach will not work with ePCR 6.0!

The new version uses technology for state extracts that will not work with XP. This means you cannot upgrade to 6.0 without upgrading all workstations (TabletPCR and WebPCR) from XP. In some cases you may need to purchase new hardware in order to upgrade from XP, so we recommend reviewing your current workstations and Windows OS versions immediately.

The complete RescueNet ePCR 6.0 Hardware Software requirements document is available here. For a quick summary of the important facts, watch our new Knowledge 911 video here.


Update on NEMSIS 3 and RN ePCR 6.0 rollout

We’re getting close to completion for RescueNet ePCR 6.0 and expect to enter final compliance testing in September with a beta rollout this Fall. Three states – Nebraska, New Hampshire and Wyoming – are requiring EMS agencies to move to NEMSIS 3 before the end of 2014.

What this means is that ZOLL will prioritize upgrades for customers in these states for the remainder of 2014. In 2015, we will begin with a gated GA release of ePCR 6.0 to the customers in states that will be moving first to NEMSIS 3.You can get up-to-date information about your state’s time table here. 

We are also working on a dedicated NEMSIS resources webpage to provide our customers with all of the latest announcements and resources all in one place. Stay tuned for an announcement when that becomes available.


Steve Deckrow
Product Manager, ZOLL Data Products

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