Nominations for 2017 are closed but will reopen in the spring for 2018.

ZOLL EMS Pulse Award — Saving Lives Through Operational Efficiency

Just because you work behind the scenes of prehospital care, doesn’t mean your work isn’t imperative to your organization’s success. Your roles contribute to the pulse of your organization; and we believe it’s about time your work deserves to be the toast of the town.

Are you a ZOLL customer? Do you know someone you work with whose efforts to improve efficiency in billing, dispatch, patient care data management or fleet has empowered your organization to provide better care and ultimately enable your team to save more lives within your community? We invite you to nominate them, and let us share their data story.

In conjunction with National EMS Week, during the month of May, each year we here at ZOLL want to take the opportunity to celebrate and shine a light on their achievements — winners will receive a special token of our appreciation as well as recognition at SUMMIT, ZOLL’s annual user conference in May, on the ZOLL Data Blog and on social media.

So nominate yourself, a coworker or colleague, and get proper recognition! Nominations will open again in Spring 2018!